Have you ever had a dream of being a real gunner? If your answer is "Yes," welcome to the Venge.IO world! This is one of the most fantastic games developed by Cem Demir for PC and mobile platforms. Violence is not encouraged in real life. However, self-motion and cooperation are encouraged in this game. Each of you could become a strong and brave warrior in Venge.iO. Your job is to aim at the objective, take a shot, and protect yourself from the enemy’s attacks. Within a 5-minute round time, you have a maximum time of 30 seconds to destroy one objective. In this game, you have to choose your characters as well as your weapons. There are four main characters: Kulu, Echo, Shin, and Lilium. The collection of weapons includes the scar, shotgun, sniper, and Tec-9-SMG. Come and give it a try!


Venge. IO is designed with 3D graphics, which brings you smooth and eye-catching visuals. In comparison to other fighting games, is something beyond, with an intense and attractive soundtrack. It can be said that will bring players endless joy and entertainment after stressful times.

How to play

The gameplay is not very complicated. You can control your character’s movement with your keyboard:

  • WASD: move.
  • Space bar: jump.
  • E: attack.
  • F: throw items.
  • B: buy.
  • Shift/ RMG : focus.
  • H: dance.
  • Enter: chat.
  • Hold B: turn cards.
  • LMB: shoot.

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