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About Slope 3

Based on the famous Slope series, Slope 3 is a thrilling infinite-running game. Your mission is to get a good score by guiding a ball that is rolling down a sequence of slopes while dodging hazards. Try to keep the ball in the playground as long as possible to get a high score. Once your ball falls down or hits the obstacles, you lose!

Jump into the game and challenge your skills. Good luck!


This fast-paced platformer game with lots of unexpected obstacles may help you improve your reflexes and reactions.

Unlike other 3D games, Slope 3 has a unique feature: the gravity environment. You will have the realistic feeling that you are in control of a real ball in real life.

How to play

The gameplay is easy to control. You have to move quickly with the arrow keys.

You'll need to use the arrow keys to keep your ball traveling across the 3D track while being careful to keep it away from obstacles like the red barriers.

Real-time gaming that only calls for minor motion changes from the player The ball moves more visibly the longer the player holds down the keyboard keys.

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