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About Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is an interesting football game developed by New Star Games in 2020. Inspired by the legendary American soccer game Tecmo Bowl, Retro Bowl has similar gameplay.

Simply swipe the screen quickly to complete the task. To the right or left of your running back, swipe up or down, respectively. You can escape tackles and perform some great stiff-arm maneuvers if you time it just right. Of course, using the run appropriately is a good idea.


Retro Bowl's old-school and aesthetic graphics take you back in time. There is no need to go to the stadium to watch football matches, just stay home and jump into the game.

Tips and tricks

Draft wisely. You will join the draft as the head coach and general manager following your first rapid game. Each draft has three rounds. Each round's players are drawn at random, and you can pick one of them. It's useful that you can check your roster as you go.

How to play

As in a real football match, the Retro Bowl has offense, defense, and special teams on full display with the quarterback leading the charge on offense. 

Even though the game has a retro aesthetic, it plays really smoothly, giving the impression that it is a more modern game. The play of the quarterback is easily one of the most impressive things about how things operate on the field.

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