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About Parkour Race

The 3D running game Parkour Race was created by Madbox. In this game, your task is to control your stickman as you compete in a race with the crowd. You can leap from rooftop to rooftop or race between them! Gain momentum by running over the glowing speed bumpers, and display your style by performing vaults and flips. By using the daily challenges, power-ups, and even glitzy accessories, you may make a stickman that is unlike any other. The Parkour Race will help you improve your running technique.

If you are a big fan of athletic sports, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the Parkour Race. 


Parkour Race is just a simple arcade game without an upgrade feature for the character. However, it was developed to have a unique skin collection for changing your character’s appearance.

Designed with 3D graphics and colorful scenes, this game brings you an endless realistic experience. You also feel satisfied and flutter when you make a big jump between buildings. That sounds cool, right?

How to play


  • Move Left: use A or the left arrow key.
  • Move Right: use D or the right arrow key.

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