About is a multiplayer racing game made by Big Boss Dolphin in 2020. In this battle royale game, you have to take part in a challenging race to the finish line and overcome all the obstacles during the playing time. Challenge level by level until you’re the only one still alive. In this game, the player will take the role of a colorful, cute little bean who tries to move and jump as fast as possible.

Each level includes freaking challenging obstacles, which bring you a variety of exciting experiences.

Feature: is inspired by the famous game Fall Guys, so the gameplay resembles its predecessor. If you are a fan of Fall Guys, it’s not difficult to jump into

You can customize your character with your favorite colors and outfits. 

How to play

The gameplay is quite simple; you just try to avoid obstacles on the route and reach the finish line.

This is a battle royale game, so the last player is the person who has not been eliminated by others. Be the final survivor and get the grand prize.

  • WASD or arrow keys are used to move your bean.
  • Jump with the spacebar or right-click.


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