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About Ghost Fight IO

Ghost Fight IO is a game that lets you experience the life of a cute little ghost. You have to move around and collect as many orbs or energy blobs as possible to increase your score and size. You can also grab boosters and shields to help you on the field. You have to avoid the big and evil ghosts while consuming the small and weak ones. You have to battle against other players and be the best ghost fighter in the game.

How to play

You have to drag and move your ghost around the map. You have to collect the white energy blobs that are scattered around. The more blobs you collect, the bigger and stronger you become. You can also collect the blue boosters that give you extra speed and the green shields that protect you from damage. You have to avoid the red ghosts that are bigger and more powerful than you. They can damage you and reduce your score. You have to chase and hit the yellow ghosts that are smaller and weaker than you. They can give you more scores and energy.

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