Friday Night Funkin'

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About Friday Night Funkin'

After a long week of waiting, it's Friday night, the most thrilling night. You want to get dressed up and go out with your buddies, but it's not permitted. Not to worry! Stay in and enjoy one of the most intriguing music games ever, Friday Night Funkin'. As you move to the beat of various soundtracks and press the buttons at the appropriate moments, try to rack up as many points as you can.

Enjoy this new game and pass the time playing it by keeping yourself entertained with Friday Night Funkin'! 


Firstly, Friday Night Funkin's 2D graphics and adorable, vibrant characters have captivated players of all ages. Additionally, a lot of memorable tunes were included to make the game more captivating and alluring.

And lastly, the entertaining and compelling gameplay encourages players to fully immerse themselves in Friday Night Funkin.

How to play

Playing is as simple as touching the phone screen or pressing the arrow keys that match the music notes floating above the screen in order to keep up with the pace, just like in the dancing game Audition.


  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to play (or switch to DFJK in the options menu).
  • Press Enter to select.
  • Press ESC to go back.

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