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About Cuphead

Cuphead is a classic shooting action game that focuses on the battles and finding out who the final Big Boss is. Inspired by Disney cartoons in the 1930s, the scenes, characters, and soundtracks are created with the same techniques as in those golden eras. For example, the hand-drawing animation, old-fashion backgrounds, and classic jazz audio.

If you are a fan of indie games, don’t miss the chance to join the Cuphead world.


With the inspiration of Disney animations, Cuphead lets you reminisce about the 1930s ambiance during the playing time.

No need for 3D-graphics design with modern installations, Cuphead still captures the hearts of millions of players worldwide.

Tips and tricks

Everyone has a hitbox where they are vulnerable to gunfire. You will know when you are hitting it because the boss's body will flash a little bit.

Always be firing: never take your finger off that attack button because as long as you have the bullets, you have a chance of hitting the boss characters faster.

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