About is an authentic online 2D shooter with a completely destructible battlefield, where you compete against other teams and individuals for the title of "Dude Supreme." Several unique maps and a wide variety of game styles are available, with countless permutations possible. Over 20 unique weapons are available to you as you go through the game and earn experience points to use in your struggle against adversaries. At, you may check out the daily, weekly, and all-time high scores on the game's scoreboard. If you sign up for an account, not only will your XP and progress be saved, but you can also compare your stats to those of other players on the leaderboards. Coins and gems are both accepted in the gameshow and may be used to buy new headwear and emotes. Your progress through the game will award you with coins. The shop is where one may get gems. There is a fixed set of goods and services that may be purchased with each currency.

How to play

WASD: Move
E to enter car
Click left to fire.
Right-click to show emotes.
1, 2, 3, 4, or Use the mouse wheel to switch weapons

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