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About Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is the most exciting two-player game for people who like basketball. This game was made by Madpuffers. It has bright 3D graphics and a lot of different ways to play. As players play, they can also get better.


You can change your basketball player's hairstyle, skin color, jersey, and a lot of other things to make him or her look the way you want.

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How to play

To play 1v2 and 2v2 basketball games with friends or alone, form groups. Take tournament mode seriously to become a basketball legend.

The goal is to score more points by putting the ball through the hoop in one minute. Dunk, make 3-pointers, pass, shoot, steal, smash, and more.

A simple level of the game merely demands you to use the keyboard to throw the ball into the basket. You strive to score as many goals as you can in a specific amount of time. In 1 against. 1, you must mislead your opponent into thinking you're heading one way, then switch lanes to locate a good time to fire the ball. However, you must steal the ball when defending.

This game lets you play against LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, James Harden, Stephen Curry, Shaquille O'Neal, Derrick Williams, and more. Basketball Star's players each have unique skills, so you may build the best squad by combining their best traits.

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